Get ready for a whole new adventure, Aquarians, because it is this year when you will make outstanding achievements in your overall life.

The astrological influences for the year 2019 will introduce an overall warm and relaxing year for the Aquarius individual as this will be a very powerful and good energetic flowing year for you.

Mars, Saturn and Uranus are going to defuse the tensions from Aquarian individuals, by giving them a greater degree of freedom. The year 2019 allows Aquarius to ripe what they saw, after a year of efforts and perseverance.

Spirituality has been very important for many years, and this trend will be even further intensified this year and in coming years. Your Ruler, Uranus, now establishes himself in the spiritual Sign of Pisces and Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets is firmly planted in your own Sign Aquarius.

There is much success in this field these days. Today at Spirilution.com, we bring you a quick overview for the year 2019 for the amazing Aquarian individual.


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  • Hey Quadible,

    Long time fan of all of your work. I just had a question that I’ve wanted to ask for some time—- Although I’ve experienced great and nearly instantaneous results, I’ve noticed that the effects wear off after approximately 3 hours. I’ve tried using the root cause formula as well as the super charger to prolong the effects but with no success. Is there a frequency that could extend the results to 24 hours or more?

    Thank you


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