★Anti Cancer: Cell Regeneration Formula★

Anti Cancer: Cell Regeneration Formula★

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Winner #1 = Anti Cancer / Cell Regeneration

In 400 B.C., Hippocrates assigned the name of #Cancer or crab to a disease encountered during this era, because of its crab-like spread throughout the body. Cancer's Greek name was "Karkinos." In 164 A.D., Galen of Rome called the disease "tumor" which derived from the word "tymbos" meaning a sepulchral mound. In Latin, it was called "tumore" which meant "to swell."

Speaking in my most basic terms to really help the masses understand this pathology, cancer is an anaerobic condition which basically means cancer is the final result or stage of a low oxygen and very acidic state of existence. In a nutshell, this is what cancer is physiologically-speaking.

When someone has cancer, oxygen levels in the body are very low. The body's alkalinity is also very low. When there's low oxygen and alkalinity, the body's cells become abnormal. The cells of the body communicate with each other passing along vital information. Oxygen feeds the cells and allows for proper communication. But when there's lack of oxygen, a great lack of oxygen, this communication becomes thwarted and the cells start acting abnormally. This is why you hear many health specialists and experts say cancer is "abnormal cells" or "abnormal cell activity." This is true! Many doctors erroneously say cancer is a proliferation of dead cells, which is not true. If the cells were dead there would be no action. Cancer does denote abnormal cell activity and this abnormal cell activity is due to lack of oxygen and low alkaline level which means excessive acid level or acidosis.

Cancer patients/suffers begin to get thin and this is caused by an internal "eating up" process where certain cells start attacking other cells. Now while an "eating up" is taking place in the body, a neoplasm characterized by the uncontrolled growth of anaplastic cells invade surrounding tissue which metastasizes.

Neoplasm simply means "any abnormal growth of new tissue, benign or malignant." In other words, neoplasm means "tumor" which explains why cancer patients/sufferers become beleaguered with tumors inside of the body and outside of the body.Anaplastic refers to "anaplasia" which means "a change in the structure of cells and in their orientation to each other characterized by a loss of differentiation and reversion to a more primitive form." Anaplasia is characteristic of malignancy.Tumors exist in two states: benign and malignant. Benign means "not fatal or pernicious." Malignant means "highly injurious, pernicious or fatal."

Cancer is usually the cause of malignant tumors. In cases of benign tumors that are common in cases of fibroids and breast tumors, fluidic waste is usually the cause. In cancerous individuals, white blood cells are numerous. The white blood cells begin to outnumber the red blood cells. White blood cells always denote toxicity, imbalance, poison, and foreign invasion of that which is unnatural or that which should not be in the body. Excessive white blood cell count is almost always indicative of cancer. White blood cells have precursors known as "leukocytes," also called "leukocyte precursors."

This formula pushes to detoxifying the body, removing #acidity (and mucus), raising the body's pH levels, and making sure the #cells get plenty of oxygen and solar energy while reversing cellular degeneration due to cellular starvation (of vital nutrients and oxygen) by boosting them with what they require: oxygen and high alkalinity. Oxygen is imperative for optimal health and well-being because oxygen feeds and fuels the cells. This formula will also push to fortify and boost the immune system. 

There's no such thing as precancerous cells. You are being told this so your mind can be activated to create outright cancerous cells. Start thinking in terms of healthy cells and unhealthy cells and if unhealthy cells stay unhealthy for too long, then they will become cancerous in nature. Since all disease first starts in the mind, we have included powerful subliminals to assist in rejuvenating the mind with healthy thoughts. This formula is packed with healing vibrations from amethyst, annabergit, azeztulite, azurite-malachite, bloodstone, colbaltite, fluorite, gold, hematite, red jasper, kernite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, melanite, moonstone, malachite, All Obsidians, pumpellyite, petalite, rhodochrosite, rose chalcedony, sapphire, selenite, smoky quartz, spinel, sodalite, sugilite, tourmaline, and uvarovite.

While Belief is very important, make sure to drink alkaline water followed by distilled water to maximize the effects of this formula.
You will want to add Clear Quartz crystal to this water as this will greatly transform the water and make it very healing. Adding liquid chlorophyll also boosts this water's #healing ability.

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