★ Banish F.E.A.R. Quickly!★ Quadible Integrity

★ Banish F.E.A.R. Quickly!★ Quadible Integrity

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When you become one with the You-niverse, you realize that F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real), is literally an illusion that we learn in this life on planet Earth. Being connected with your higher self, spirit guides & angels really sheds light on the fact that there is nothing to ever be afraid of. 

Fear is a very negative thing! Fear is paralyzing! Fear will stop you from doing what you really desire to be doing in life, if you let it. Fear is based upon an illusion. Fear is what you experience when you take your eyes off the prize (The You-Niverse, Higher Self, life mission/purpose, love). Fear is the product of ignorance. People usually fear things that they lack knowledge of, like death, for instance.

Fear will stop you from truly living life and we truly experience life by living life to the fullest, taking risks in areas of the unknown. Singer Bette Midler said it best in her hit song, The Rose: "The soul afraid of dying never learns to live." This is so true!

Fear is the greatest mechanism of control being used on the people of the planet by the Rulers and their imps in government. People operate more on fear than love which is partially why there is so much discord, sadness, selfishness, and disease on the planet today.

Even the animals some of us eat for their meat (flesh) under the erroneous notion of food (or protein), live under fear. But we forget that we are what we eat, and then we wonder why we are so fearful!

Fear |fi(ə)r|noun. An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat :
Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by a certain belief. Clearly, fear is the result of belief or beliefs and belief or beliefs are nothing but thoughts tightly held to or embraced.

Belief or beliefs can also be said to be opinions and all opinions are formed in the mind, therefore, fear too is formed in the mind but the mind can be tamed (controlled, regulated) and thus so can fear. Just as opinions can change and no longer be embraced, likewise with fear. It too can no longer be embraced if the choice is made.

Our Fear Banishing Auditory reminds you on a subtle level that there is nothing to fear and that all is well; you are safe and protected and have been from the very beginning of your existence here on Earth in this lifetime. Backed by powerful Quadified programmed energy + gemstone & crystal vibrations of fluorite, danburite, black tourmaline, hematite, carnelian, amethyst, and selenite, this concoction will help banish worries that are unnecessary while assisting you to connect with your higher self - ultimately surrounding you with LOVE. 


To Receive the maximum benefits from this formula, make sure there are no disturbances when listening, sit or relax in a peaceful quiet place and close your eyes, focus on your breath while transitioning into a meditative state.

★ Banish F.E.A.R. Quickly!★

Remember my beloveds, The more you focus or concentrate on what you fear, the more energy (momentum) you give the thing you fear. With each thought you give to what you fear, it is like making a deposit into a "Fear" account and the interest paid on this "Fear" account compounds and when you need to make a withdrawal to convince yourself that your fear is real and you are powerless against that which you fear (and perhaps may feel a need to be punished), you have more than enough in your account to make what you fear physically manifest and to your own detriment.

You will notice that unnecessary fears will literally banish away.

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