★ Depression and Anxiety Treatment ★ Quadible Integrity

★ Depression and Anxiety Treatment ★ Quadible Integrity

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➤Quadible’s Emotional : Therapeutic Healing Series:

Depression is the result of the lack of love, joy, good health, passion, inspiration, hope, purpose, creativity, zest, ambition, willpower, sense of being, self-esteem, high self-image, and a host of other things. Depression is usually the precursor to suicide (which should never be committed because you sentence yourself back to Earth and right back to the same exact circumstances up until the time of suicide as there's no escaping your life's lesson that you chose to incarnate for, but forgot once you took on the dense flesh body).

This treatment reminds you on a subtle level that there is hope, that you are not alone and that everything is okay. Besides various frequencies and subliminals , We use vibrations from the crystal, lepidolite, in this formula due to its naturally high concentration of lithium which is helpful in stabilizing mood swings and bipolar disorder in addition to reducing stress, overcoming emotional and mental dependency and addictions. Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Selenite or also part of this concoction as well. 

This treatment is also very beneficial for light workers, empaths & star seeds as well. 

★ Depression and Anxiety Treatment ★

Important: While listening to this , make sure there are no disturbances, sit or relax in a peaceful quiet place and close your eyes. Allow your Angels, Spirit Guides & Higher Self to fill your Heart and Aura with pure love and joy while guiding you on a subtle level. Do not be surprised if you find new inspiration, ideas, desires , ambitions or even take on a road that leads straight to your life's purpose, Enjoy beloveds. 

If you feel any type of fear during this session, make sure to balance your root chakra before you
Listen to this the next time. 

Holding crystals like Amethyst & Selenite During your session with definitely enhance the effects.
We Love you - Loving you is loving thyself. We are one. 

HEADPHONES are required for this concoction. 

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While Belief is very important, please make sure to drink plenty of pure water to maximize the effects of the frequencies. Namaste my Reflections.

All Quadible creations are backed by pure love energy, we feel that LOVE is the most powerfulest vibration in the Universe. 

For those asking for us to add a donation link here you go. We are very thankful to be able to help you as we do indeed practice the Universal Law of Receiving and are very appreciative and grateful for your kind gestures. This is obviously not mandatory, we only would like to receive donations that hold pure appreciation / love energy. All funds will be contributed to future Quadible formulas & projects. See donation link below.

★ Depression and Anxiety Treatment ★

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