MineCraft Subliminal Creativity Formula - Boost Imagination! Unlock Your Creative Genius!

MineCraft Subliminal Creativity Formula - Boost Imagination! Unlock Your Creative Genius!

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You must be thinking to yourself..Minecraft?
Why Minecraft? Well we could not introduce a creativity formula without being a little creative in the process.

As you may know, 
Minecraft is a popular video game where users can create their own worlds and experiences, using building blocks, resources within the game and more importantly by using their own creativity.

Minecraft has been described as a game with no rules. It doesn’t come with a set of instructions, or a stated objective – players can build and explore however they want. It’s often compared to virtual Lego.This means that Minecraft fans have a lot of flexibility in terms of how they play.

We have used this description of Minecraft to metaphorically explain what this formula is about. This formula is about unlocking and developing the building blocks of your imagination so that you too can also can create your own world and experiences, using your own hidden creativity.

The Universe Creates! Since You Are the You-niverse / You Are a reflection of the Universe that makes you a creator as well.

Creativity is the hidden capacity to think about ourselves, others, objects, events and circumstances in original and unique ways. It helps us overcome great odds, problems and challenges that might be standing in the way of the success we desire to achieve.
Creativity is indeed a powerful and yet somewhat mystical ability that brings with it a vast array of opportunities and skills that enhance and better our lives. 

Creative people have a somewhat unique way of thinking about things that allows their creative intellect to come to the forefront when they need it most. These creative individuals work on cultivating certain characteristics and belief systems within their psyche that proactively expand their understanding and awareness of the world around them.

Creative people have a tendency to talk to themselves in a specific way that naturally encourages their creativity to expand and evolve as they go about finding solutions to life’s daily problems and challenges. Creative people take certain daily steps and actions that help them to expand their ability to think in new and unique ways.
A creative genius cultivates certain and specific characteristics that are essential for creative thinking.

All humans have the potential to be creative. Being creative is our birthright. Creativity is the precursor to abundance. If you are lacking today financially, check your creativity. What are you creating? Creativity is fueled by desire. If you don't know what you desire in and out of life, then you are stifling your creativity and therefore your productivity and as a result, are suffering financially. Life is full of expression. 

This Unique Creativity Formula helps to remove blocks (on a subtle level) that block the flow of creative drive and passion while also aiming to unlock the “building blocks” of your mind to enhance your imagination and harness your creative powers to unlock the creative genius inside you! It will also focus on identifying and heightening creativity in order to allow you to further your success in any field of endeavor. This formula will benefit all individuals, especially great for writers, lecturers and speakers; presenters, singers and songwriters; musicians, artist etc.! By unlocking your creative genius you can attract a more abundant life in the process!

Although we are metaphorically /creatively referencing a "game" in this formula, we ensure you that this is a very serious concoction. 



To Receive the maximum benefits from this formula, make sure there are no disturbances when listening, sit or relax in a peaceful quiet place and close your eyes, focus on your breath while transitioning into a meditative state. If you happen to have any of the crystals mentioned within this formula you can hold them or place them on your sacral or solar plexus chakra as well for added benefits.

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“Creativity is the precursor to Abundance”

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