★Natural VaginoPlasty Treatment★

★Natural VaginoPlasty Treatment★  Quadible Integrity

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Quadible's Natural VaginoPlasty Treatment pushes to effectively, and safely strengthen, tighten, and rejuvenate the beautiful vagina.
The Treatment is helpful for a host of female vaginal disorders and adverse conditions including healing vaginal tissue, reducing excessive vaginal discharge, improving a beautiful women’s vitality, (All Woman Are Beautiful) , restoring vaginal elasticity, effectively tightens the vagina, retarding and reversing vaginal atrophy, and healing uterine prolapse. 

Daily use of this formula will over time totally rejuvenate your vagina, and help prevent further vaginal aging which results from childbearing, your age, your sexual partners over the years, and overall health. 

It naturally helps a woman to tighten her vagina which can result in better and more enjoyable sex with her partner. A tighter vagina can help women reach orgasms more often. Tightening of the vagina increases sexual sensations and pleasures for both woman and man (partner). 

The Frequencies, Programmed intention & healing vibrations all push to naturally tighten erectile tissue layers of the vagina while simultaneously restoring suppleness and rejuvenating and nourishing the nerves in the vagina and thus naturally increasing sexual pleasures during sexual intimacy. As you become more sensitive, you will feel the ‘fulness’ of your partner’s penis inside you. 

Our Natural VaginoPlasty Treatment is a safe and sensible alternative to the man-made expensive laser vaginal rejuvenation process known as vaginoplasty (vaginal surgery). Containing vibrations from Oak Gall, Kayu Rapat, Sirih leaves, and Kacip Fatimah which hold astringent properties that give tightening effects, while it’s antioxidant properties tone up vaginal walls to help reverse the loss of elasticity due to aging, hormonal changes, and childbirth. These properties also help reduce problems caused by age-related thinning of vaginal tissues.

★Natural VaginoPlasty Treatment★

We highly recommend this Treatment in addition to the use of Ben Wa Balls and/or the Yoni Jade Eggs to heighten your sexual experience. 
Our Root Chakra & Solar Plexus Formulas work well with this treatment as well. 

Our Vaginal Tightening Treatment should not be used by pregnant women, menstruating women (women on their moon cycle or menses), women with skin allergies or vaginal infection, and/or women infected with STD (sexually transmitted disease). Vaginal Tightening Treatment is perfectly safe to use while breast-feeding.

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While Belief is very important, please make sure to drink plenty of pure water to maximize the effects of the frequencies.

You can transition into a meditative state will listening for added benefits.


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★Natural VaginoPlasty Treatment★

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