★Powerful Higher Heart Chakra (Anahata) (Thymus Chakra) Healing-Balancing-Energizing Formula★

★Powerful Higher Heart Chakra (Anahata) (Thymus Chakra) Healing-Balancing-Energizing Formula★

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The 4th Chakra, known in Sanskrit as "Anahata" (meaning "Unbeaten"), is where one gives and receives love. The Higher Heart Chakra emits the color Pink. It is our energy center from which love, joy, happiness and compassion emanate from. It also allows us to feel sorrow, sadness, anger, and lust, all of which are feelings of the lower heart chakra – but essential in understanding ourselves in this World, so that we may over-come them and move to the Higher Heart, where Pure, Unconditional Love exists.

The Heart Chakra is the hub of our bodies, the center point where our internal masculine and feminine and our human and divine energies meet. The fourth chakra rules ALL of our intra- and inter-personal relationships. This chakra rules our perception of love, our ability to give and receive love from others, our highest essence, and ourselves. Our High Heart rules Unconditional Love and the lower Heart rules human love. 

It is the chakra of yang, or positive energy, connecting the lower chakras to the higher ones and is very important in your spiritual healing and evolutional development. 

The Higher Heart Chakra or Thymus Chakra is positioned above the physical thymus gland, between the Heart and Throat Chakras, creating a pull of both energies. The combination of these energies enables a powerful opening to occur that allows a loving communication between Human and Spirit. 

The Thymus Chakra deals specifically with communication with Angels, Masters, Guides, our Higher Self and Higher Energies from the realms of light. It allows us to access the sacred records. It is an activator of higher consciousness, yet it allows the Higher Mind to meet the Inner Child. It is able to bring belief and spiritual wisdom down from the heavens while keeping us connected to the earth plane.

When it is open fully, the Heart Chakra a Channel for Universal Compassion – Our True Self. It is here where we invite this Infinite Love to flow through us, allowing it to heal ourselves and others. The lesson of the Heart is that we first must Love and Accept ourselves before we can Love Others.

Physical Benefits: This Chakra Vibrationally affects the thymus gland and immune system; energetically promotes fertility and conception in females, vibrationally promotes unconditional love, the ability to express and receive love, trusting in love, feeling safe to love, and removing barriers that prevent from loving truthfully. You will feel a great compassion for all living creatures, and will recognize their amazing intelligence! 

This formulation contains numerous frequencies, programmed energy, mantras such as"YAM", gemstone & crystal healing vibrations of Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Pink Opal, Pink Calcite, Mangano, Rhodochrosite, Morganite, Pink Girasol, Pink Tourmaline, Dolemite, Kunzite, Dandurite and Pink Lepidolite all working towards a balanced, energized and healthy Higher Heart Chakra while revitalizing imbalanced characteristics listed below. 

IMBALANCED CHARACTERISTICS of the 4th Chakra include: Manipulative, over critical, and judgemental of yourself and others, very negative in your thinking, and may find it very difficult to keep a positive out-look in life. You may feel unloved, unworthy and unappreciated, and this will manifest in the world around you, only confirming these “beliefs” about yourself. 


To Receive maximum benefits from this formula, make sure there are no disturbances when listening, sit/relax in a peaceful quiet place & close your eyes, focus on your breath while transitioning into a meditative state. 

If you happen to have some crystals/gemstones that stimulate the Higher Heart Chakra handy, hold them while listening for added benefits.

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