★Stress Relief~Therapeutic Formula★ Quadible Integrity

★Stress Relief~Therapeutic Formula★

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➤Quadible’s Emotional : Therapeutic Healing Series:

We have all suffered from stress at some points in our life on planet Earth.  Sometimes, these sufferings contribute to our evolution and help shape us into more mature states of being.  
Suffering can be a catalyst for personal transformation, but it can also be…well…useless, redundant, and unnecessary.  If suffering doesn’t serve a purpose in your life any longer, it doesn’t need to be in your reality. 

There are numerous emotional and physical disorders that have been linked to stress. Stress is the state of mind, often accompanied by physical symptoms, that occurs in response to a change the body experiences. It is a normal element of human life and can be caused by any number of events, such as an argument with a friend, mental disorders, overwhelming responsibility at work, or the death of a loved one etc. . 

Stress causes poor health, acute premature aging and may cause severe anxiety, over long periods of time, stress can result in serious health problems. Stress relief is essential for creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. 

The vibrations in this formula will move throughout your entire body, healing areas of the aura and physical body that are overactive/stressed while also stimulating the brain with a gentle yet easily felt energy. This mood stabilizer can also help with hypertension as an added benefit. Wether its stress dealing with work, love, finances, physical stress, PTDS, anxiety etc.

Containing powerful programmed intention energy/ frequencies and crystal vibrations of agate, aragonite, azurite-malachite, bloodstone, brecciated jasper, bustamite, calcite, caribbean blue chalcedony, chevron amethyst, diopside, dioptase, dolomite, dravite, fluorite, galaxite, gold, hematite, howlite, kunzite, labradorite, lepidolite, lithium quartz, malachite, moonstone, peridot, picasso marble, pink manganocalcite, richterite, rose quartz, smoky quartz, spinel, staurolite, sunstone, tourmalated quartz, tsavorite, turquoise, variscite, wonderstone, yttrian fluorite all working towards a stress free you / environment.

★Stress Relief~Therapeutic Formula★

It all starts with the breath. As you listen to this formula 
Breathe slowly from the base of your spine into your solar plexus.
Focus on your breath and nothing else. You can also listen to this formula as background music for an ambient experience as it will add to a stress free environment. 

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If you happen to have some crystals/gemstones mentioned above handy, hold them while listening for added benefits.

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★Stress Relief~Therapeutic Formula★

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