★SuperNaturally Handsome with Masculine Charm★

★SuperNaturally Handsome with Masculine Charm★

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★SuperNaturally Handsome with Masculine Charm★


A Man so beautiful so pure. We are living in a society where outer sources dictate what handsomeness really is. You turn on the television , (Tell-lie-vision) (it tells lies to your vision), or hop on the internet, or listen to the radio, read magazines etc… and these media outlets seems to try and define and dictate to the masses what beautiful is. 

What is beautiful? Something that is attractive, pleasing to look at? When you see with your spiritual eye everything changes as physical is only a small portion of the reality of beauty. 

You naturally contain inner and outer handsomeness don't ever forget this and please radiate this be-you-ty as much as possible. 
The Physical Manifestation of yourself was already predetermined by yourself before you entered this realm, you wanted to look the way you look. Except maybe the "outer" world has made you think differently of yourself? 

Compliment yourself daily! Look in the mirror and focus on all of your beautiful attributes - see how beautiful you really are! While listening to this, look at yourself, slowly - put everything in slo-motion - really SEE how handsome and unique you really are! 
See and feel the handsome qualities that you posses. 
Affirm Daily: I am love I am pure I am handsome! 

This quadified formula works to remind you of you true inner and outer handsomeness as it will dissolve the illusion that has been bestowed upon via media outlets etc while connecting you with your true handsome vibrations. It will provide you with improvements physically & spiritually. Improvements in all areas that YOU consciously and subconsciously feel may need improvements overall reminding you that you were supernaturally handsome with masculine charm all along. This will also work to enhance your handsomeness to a more super natural handsome spiritually and physically. Physical attributes will become more handsome and attractive. Another benefit to this formula is that it will enhance your masculine charm as well. 

This Quadible Formula also Contains crystal/gemstone healing vibrations from Mookalite Jasper, Almandine Garnet, Angel Aura Quartz, Chrysoprase, Opal, AquaMarine, Amber, Rose Quartz, Larimar, Moonstone, Magnetite, Rutilated Quartz, Tourmaline, Malachite & Clear Quartz Crystals, all energetically and intentionally programmed to make you become more supernaturally handsome with masculine charm.


★SuperNaturally Handsome with Masculine Charm★

☯ Make sure to drink plenty of PURE WATER to maximize the effects of the frequencies. 
You can transition into a meditative state will listening for added benefits.


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★SuperNaturally Handsome with Masculine Charm★

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