★Supreme Eye Color Changing Results Boosting Supercharger★ Change Your Eye Color

★Supreme Eye Color Changing Results Boosting Supercharger★ Change Your Eye Color (Subliminals Frequencies Biokinesis etc)

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A treat for all of you beautiful patient souls out there.
It is safe to say that we have been successfully changed the eye colors of thousands of individuals out there. As usual, we strive for perfection and would like EVERYONE to benefit from our formulas.

This Eye Color Changing Results Boosting SuperCharger was created to accelerate the results of the Eye Color Changing process. 

Listen to this booster before or after listening to the eye color changing formulas. You can also listen to this video in general as a supercharger as many times as you would like so when you listen to the eye color formulas it can be more powerful.

Keep in mind that this is just another tool for you to take advantage of, as some individuals may receive instant results while other individuals may take days,weeks and even months to start seeing results. Everyone is different. We will continue to provide more tools that will benefit you in the process.

As you may know, Within the physical plane, a human being's eye color is determined by the genes inherited from their parents. 
The types of alleles received from the parents are assigned to certain chromosomes. The dominant genes are expressed and the recessive genes are hidden. In the development of the iris those genes tell enzymes to produce and place a certain amount of melanin in the iris to form the eye color. 

The unique frequencies & vibrations encoded within this Auditory Subliminals which also includes Sanskrit Mantras , Hypnosis Elements, Supraliminals, Affirmations and waves of quantum modulation all work towards boosting the results of your eye color changing journey. 

★Supreme Eye Color Changing Results Boosting Supercharger★ Change Your Eye Color 

We take our work very seriously. Our formulas do not consist of just a bunch of frequencies combined together and presented to you.

Each formula holds unique attributes and are all personally concocted and prepared by Quadible Integrity using various #Universal Subliminal Languages, powerful intentional programming techniques, Planetary influences, meditational gatherings with higher beings, metaphysical properties from various herbs, from astrological understanding, Sun, Moon & Earth Energy, quantum modulation, nature, incense, loving energy, chants, binaural beats, iso-chronic tones, hypnosis, including vibrational energy from crystals, gemstones and birthstones and various undisclosed and extremely unique methods all concocted at specific astrological synchronicity time frames and locations to generate a powerful concoction designed to help each native in benefiting. 

With this said, some formulas may take longer than others depending on many circumstances. This is one of many reason why we do not upload on a daily basis. Many individuals do not understand the process of making these beautiful formulas into fruition. Dont worry We still Love you.

All work is prepared with loving energy , even the ones the some may think sounds "scary"..well think about this ..what is scary? Scary is something that we learn here on planet earth, it is an illusion. 

The energy behind creating each concoction can be very overwhelming and time away for re-booting is needed. You see beloveds, everything is energy and you decide how you use that energy at every moment of your existence. 

Be Conscious on how you use this energy -- remember this energy comes back to you. Use this energy wisely. When you learn to be conscious of your every thought choice and action ....the world is yours.

We are here to really help humanity. Helping you is helping me - cause WE ARE ONE! 


☯ Make sure to drink plenty of PURE WATER to maximize the effects of the frequencies. 
You can transition into a meditative state will listening for added benefits.


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★Supreme Eye Color Changing Supercharger★ Change Your Eye Color #Subliminals #Frequencies #Biokinesis etc

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