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TOP personality traits of people who like to be ALONE

Here are the special personality traits of people who like to be alone! We would like to remind you that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. If that’s you, you tend to enjoy spending as much time on your own as possible. Of course, you do have friends.

But, you just like to be alone and there’s nothing wrong with that. You simply have less of a need for peer acceptance than most. Self-awareness is very important and difficult to achieve. Loners are also amazingly strong-willed when tough situations arise.


But, if there’s anything extremely important to a loner, it is time. And you respect and value time more than anything else! Yes, if you have these signs you’re an empath and your intuition is your constant guide through life.



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  • I just experienced your QUARTZ CRYSTAL Sound Healing. AWESOME! I am an Empath & Energy Healer. I send free Reiki Treatments to 100+ people all over the World. On FB, I created 9 private Group Sites which I use as “virtual libraries” and beacons form Followers. May I post links to CRYSTAL and DO YOU LIKE BEING ALONE in these Groups to introduce your beautiful resources to my Followers? I never charge a fee for Reiki Transmissions, Awakening / Spiritual Coaching and Sound Healings & other Videos that I post in my FB Groups. May I post your works that you place on FB NewsFeed, too? Thanks so much for the great work you are doing. It’s cutting edge! Namaste. Blessings, Live and Light.

    Barbara Reed

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