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Due to an overwhelming amount of love and requests, Quadible Integrity has decided to express gratitude and appreciation by allowing YOU to choose the next formulation to be uploaded by Quadible Integrity.
We bring you the "YOU CHOOSE" event. The rules and Guidelines are very simple: 

1. Like , Share & Subscribe
2. Like us on Facebook
3. Within the comments section of this video, provide a detailed comment of your favorite Quadible Formula and how it has benefited you.
4. Next to the comment of your favorite Quadible Formula / How it has benefitted you, Provide the Formula of your choice to be uploaded next , briefly explain how it will benefit humanity.
5. Only one request per user will be placed in raffle
6. All Submissions will be collected and raffled on September 6, 2015.


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  • I love your subliminals! They have changed my life for the better. The reprogramming series has changed my outlook on life. I am on level 3 for a couple of more weeks and I swear I feel so much more in control of those old negative thought programs. I am also seeing great results with my eye color changes. They are certainly turning green. They look more vibrant. I have one request for a new formula and it is my most difficult challange. Please create one to quit smoking cigarettes. I am forever grateful to you and your formulas and am sending powerful love vibes your way. Thanks again! Sue


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