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Salutations of peace & love!

To celebrate WE ARE ONE Consciousness while also receiving hundreds of requests regarding the narration / voice overs of our videos, SPIRILUTION will love for you to narrate our upcoming youtube videos. 

We would like for you to join us in spreading light and raising vibrations globally. If you have experience in doing this type of work, we would love to hear from you.

Please send samples of your work via email. (SEND TO iquadycontact@gmail.com) - Please only send emails regarding this post)  If we choose you for this type of work, you will receive 100% credit and also have the option to display your website and or your contact info if you would like.

We continue to work on improving our work to give you the best experience. This is also a great way to get more loving individuals involved in our loving journey to enlighten humanity. 

Note that if you do not have experience with this type of work, we would still love to hear from you as we would like anyone that is interested to try this out.

We have tons of new work that will be uploaded very soon and would love for you to join us! 

When we choose you, we will send you all the instructions for your reference.

Wishing you peace love and light as always ;)



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  • I love what you are doing. I would really love to heal my teeth but didn’t see any thing related. Thank you so much.

  • Do you feel any resonance in working with channeled healing piano music? I just felt extremely called to your channel (and so glad I followed the flow on it!!), and a sharing of some sort was the first thing that came to mind.

    My channel is over at youtube.com/4improv – don’t have much of a following just yet, but hoping to expand more and reach more with the music that’s flowing through, in these next very expansive months. Let me know if any ideas come when you visit (either way, no worries! – just listening to the flow and wanted to reach out). >]



    Eugene Sedletsky
  • " – Central Nervous System " – “Nervous-system” . every affected or diseased nervous system leads to numerous massively restrictive living conditions whose massive momentousness can only be perceived by affected persons. and just one is more than enough . Please consider this topic: the central nerve system (and its subdivisions) and all its possible all other nerve Systems, all different nervous systems. all identifiable possible nerve systems. I would like to ask you to create a formula or, if necessary, several formulas for all kinds of “HEALTHY” nerve systems. you will know for yourself what has become the most important thing for every human, in the moment when the central nerve system and / or nerve systems are ill or affected .(maybe you can also create a preventative formula) then no other formula or subliminal, brainwave… or Video or something else created by whoever is of importance . then only a healthy condition of the nerve systems is of importance. then only a healthy nervsystem has become an interesting one. Otherwise you dont have a Chance to live. this is a request

    ingo riedlinger
  • Conscious Insights please quadibile im love your channel very much but let talk my words like im your son please my mother she lio zodaic and im know the lio love aquarise zodaic please man i can kiss your head and your legs but make to me that make aquarise zodaic please and download on the channel please quadible thats a very humanity order from you please 😢😢😍


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