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Greetings of Peace and love!

Due to an Overwhelming amount of love and gratitude, Quadible Integrity has decided to re-open the possibility of allowing you decide what the next formula will be.

The Rules are very simple:

-The First 100 comments from Unique Youtube Users - in the comments section -- Stating the exact formula that you would like next will be collected. 

-The Formula with the highest percentage will decide on the next formula.

-Only the first 100 will be collected, anything beyond the first 100 will not count. However, we still will consider the requests as part of future uploads.

You do not have to like , share or subscribe.....

OR DONT its your choice


Why don't you upload formulas frequently?

We take our work very seriously. Our formulas do not consist of just a bunch of frequencies combined together and presented to you.
Each formula holds unique attributes and are all personally concocted and prepared by Quadible Integrity using various Universal Subliminal Languages, powerful intentional programming techniques, Planetary influences, meditational gatherings with higher beings, metaphysical properties from various herbs, from astrological understanding, Sun, Moon & Earth Energy, quantum modulation, nature, incense, loving energy, chants, binaural beats, iso-chronic tones, hypnosis, including vibrational energy from crystals, gemstones and birthstones and various undisclosed and extremely unique methods all concocted at specific astrological synchronicity time frames and locations to generate a powerful concoction designed to help each native in benefiting. 

We take PRIDE in our work and this is why the channel is called Quadible INTEGRITY.


We will not upload a formula just for the sake of it. We REFUSE to take this artwork as a joke. WE REFUSE TO DISRESPECT LIFE, CREATION/THE UNIVERSE. Uploading formulas with false hope is not good. Not only does that promote bad karma but it hurts individuals in the process which will mean it will be hurting ourselves. All funds are really contributed to the work. We do not need to speak as we let the work, the healing vibrational energy speak for itself!

All work is prepared with loving energy , even the ones the some may think sounds "scary"..well think about this ..what is scary? Scary is something that we learn here on planet earth, it is an illusion. 

The energy behind creating each concoction can be very overwhelming and time away for re-booting is needed. You see beloveds, everything is energy and you decide how you use that energy at every moment of your existence. 

Be Conscious on how you use this energy -- remember this energy comes back to you. Use this energy wisely. When you learn to be conscious of your every thought choice and action ....the world is yours.

We are here to really help humanity. Helping you is helping me - cause WE ARE ONE! 

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● Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spirilution

♡All Quadible creations are backed by pure love energy, we feel that LOVE is the most powerfulest vibration in the Universe.

♡Thank you to all of you beautiful souls who have graciously made donations as we are filled with endless gratitude. All funds will be contributed to future Quadible formulas/projects.This is not mandatory, we only would like to receive donations that hold pure appreciation/love energy.

If you would like to make a donation see link below. 

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  • Quadible Integrity!! Love your work; magically divine, actually beyond words, the visuals, the music, the description! It significantly improved all aspects of my precious life. Very grateful to have found you! Please if possible, one formula that restores natural haircolor. Sounds superficial, I know I can just let it slide, but I do want to keep feeling amazing, so I color every 2.5weeks, a lot of chemicals (time&money) that I’d love to avoid for the rest of my beautiful life, tried other channels, no result. My hope is on you.
    Thanks to infinity 👁❤️U

  • Hi, would it be possible to do one for perfect healthy teeth please? (No cavities/healing cavities, straight aligned teeth, white smile, healthy gums, wisdom teeth growning normally (no impacted wisdom teeth or pain) beautiful confident smile, plaque doesn’t stick to teeth/teeth easy to keep clean. Thank you x
    Love your channel x

  • sharp mind

  • Hi, is is possible you could do something to help healing the inner child to restore faith, hope, thus allowing to manifest desires as opposed to feeling nothing/disconnected from feelings and life and feeling drained and exhausted? Just when something is about to manifest or started to it will not pan out or work against me and it could be coming from the inner child. Its as if the more I want it it have the opposite effect.


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