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We begin the new year with new year energy and new beginnings hence creating this new gumroad account due to popular demand. We understand that many individuals were not able to download formulas from our website due to amazonpay.

This gumroad account should solve that problem. We will be uploading many new exclusive audios to this account so stay tuned beloveds :). Please enjoy this FREE 2022 Good Luck Energy formula to start the New year right!




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  • Hi quadi, can you please find another way then gumroad for uploading your formulas please ? it charge us tva plus others taxes, so at the end we pay 30% more than the price of the formula :(

  • Please Respond

    Raymond Susilo
  • Dear Sir. I just purchased Quadible Integrity – Feng Shui – Travel Luck, Helpful People, Heavenly Luck – Northwest Corner Energizer via GUMROAD. I intended to buy the one with WAV Boost, but I selected wrongly. I selected the URL attunement and I already paid $50. Could You please send me the WAV Boost?

    Raymond Susilo
  • Dear Quadible Angel,

    I need your contact / write to you. May I please have your email address or can you please send me a email so that I can reply and contact you?

    Kindly help.
    Lots of Love,

  • Hey Quadible,

    I couldn’t find the contact page or any email and wanted to ask about my purchase. I purchased an Ethereal Height Formula and understand/read that it’ll take a while to deliver (3-5 business days as stated on your website). However, it’s been almost 3 weeks now (purchased on the 13th of December) and I still haven’t received anything.

    I would like to ask about the status of my purchase. Thanks!

    Karesa Hui

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