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Yoga Poses For Chakra Balancing

Yoga Poses For Chakra Balancing (Meditation Spiritual Metaphysical Health Information)

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#Yoga is one of the most basic ways to balance each chakra because it creates alignment in the physical body. #Balancing and stabilizing your physical body through asana (yoga posture) practice also rebalances your subtle body. 

This realigns the #chakras, which regulate specific behaviors, and makes it easier to overcome outdated patterns, beliefs, and habits.

With a first glance at your body in the mirror, there’s no way to be able to tell all of the incredible things that are taking place inside of you. The human body is amazingly complex; it’s a system not only of flesh and blood, but intricate and vast energy systems. 

The chakras are energy vortices powered by prana, or life force. By clearing the energy blocks from our chakras, we allow the Kundalini energy to rise up through us, empowering ourselves to lift our minds and bodies to their best capacities.

When yoga and mudras are practiced, the chakras get balanced and make our system, both physical and emotional, function in a stable, balanced manner.

#Asana, Or Postures, work to clear the energy blocks. These positions of the body activate and direct energy to open both a physical and an energetic position in the body. When using Kundalini yoga to clear the chakras, asana are useful to open pranic flow.

As noted previously, there are Seven Notable Chakra Centers in your body. Here are distinct asanas to help clear each and every one of them of any blockage:



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