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★10,000 Subscriber Custom Formula Give Away!!!!! Thank you!!!★

Custom Formula Give Away!!!!!

Due to an overwhelming amount of love, support and success stories, Quadible Integrity has decided to express gratitude and appreciation by offering a custom formula catered to one individual. 

We bring you the "Custom Formula Give-Away event”. The rules and Guidelines are very simple: 

1. Like , Share & Subscribe
(This part is crucial only because it coincides with the purpose of the give way.)

2. Like us on Facebook , Follow us on Twitter (We recently created a Twitter Page - We will follow back)

● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Conscious-In...
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spirilution

3. Provide a Comment Below With your Favorite Quadible Formula thus far. 

4. Your Name / You Tube account will be placed in a Universally Quadified raffle.

5. Once we reach 10,000 Subscribers here on Youtube (Which will happen very soon) , All the Submissions from the comment section will then be collected & raffled.

Once we reach 10,000 subscribers, we will raffle the submissions and announce the winner in one of our future video/formula uploads. We will then contact the winner via youtube and begin the process. The concoction will consists of pure energy, frequency, intentional and vibrational work all dedicated to making your authentic formula created specifically for you. (it will not be uploaded online). We will contact you and you will let us know the exact concoction that you desire and we will provide you with the necessary information needed. 

-Please be within reason when choosing your custom formula.
For example: A request to have bat legs with chicken ears and tiger claws will not be taken seriously. This is serious work, please be very choosy when selecting this formula than can be life-changing for you literally. 

"Customize Your Life"

Thank you to all of you beautiful souls who have graciously made donations as we are filled with endless gratitude. 

All funds will be contributed to future Quadible formulas & projects. This is obviously not mandatory, we only would like to receive donations that hold pure appreciation / love energy. 

If you would like to make a donation see link below. 

All Sounds are the copyright of Quadible Integrity

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