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Numerous healing stones, including crystals and gemstones, may be used to open, activate, and balance the chakra system.  Considered the sixth of seven foundational chakras in the body, the Third Eye chakra governs what is frequently called your “sixth sense.” Home to your intuition, the Third Eye is associated with the color indigo.


There are specific stones that are associated with this chakra, and using them can aid the development of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, previously known as 'The Sight', as well as clairaudience, psychic knowing and intuition.


Chakra stones should be cleansed and charged before use. Preferences for this process can range from smudging to bathing them in moonlight and burying them a jar full of appropriate herbs for a short period of time.

When using crystals to balance and heal the Third Eye, it can take time before symptoms of imbalance completely subside.


There are several healing stones with different properties that you can work with. Today at spirilution.com we discuss 11 crystals that can be used to heal and open your Third Eye Chakra.




1.Clear Quartz Crystal

Often called a master healer, this all purpose stone works to enhance, clear and awaken all your chakras.  It will charge the energy of your other stones and work tirelessly to help you awaken safely to your abilities. Quartz will focus and amplify energy. 


So when you place your focus on opening to your psychic abilities, clear quartz will enhance the power of your thoughts going out to the universe. It’s like taking a whisper and turning it into a shout. The universe will hear you and your intent will be answered. Quartz will enhance your spiritual growth and acts as a teacher for you on your path.


 It’s a very powerful stone in terms of psychic protection. Wearing clear quartz will protect you from taking on the negativity of others. It will also protect you from negative ill will, envy and jealousy. Spirilution.com



2. Lapis Lazuli

Long treasured and revered for thousands of years as a stone of illumination and enlightenment, lapis will work to open your third eye. 


With its dark blue colors and specks of gold, it reminds us of the night sky where all is infinite and possible.

Lapis Lazuli and the Third Eye. The psychic journey stone of preference. The Blue opens the mind aids conscious detachment from our realm.  The powerful vibrations of Lapis Lazuli works as a protector but also connects the mind to the soul star path pathways, providing mental transit lines along the cords that bind us together.


Lapis helps condition your energy to higher vibrations so you can increase your spiritual progress.  Lapis also enhances your dream recall and helps you connect with your spirit guides. Place on the third eye to stimulate psychic abilities. 



3. Labradorite

A highly protective and spiritual stone, labradorite will enhance and awaken your psychic abilities while protecting your aura and shielding it from negative influences.  Many psychics are empaths – meaning they feel the feelings of other people and taken them on as their own. 


Labradorite is a supportive stone of transformation that works with the Third-Eye to bring a greater, intuitive understanding of purposes to any struggles in ones life. By placing Labradorite on the Third-Eye during meditation, intuition and intellect can be brought into balance.  Labradorite can be used for past life work, and access to the Akashic record.


Continuous work with Labradorite will help to improve the skill of discernment.  Labradorite can ameliorate ailments of the brain and eyes, and is said to help regulate the metabolism. Spirilution.com


4. Amethyst

Called the stone of spirituality, amethyst calms the mind while allowing the soul to awaken. Amethyst reminds us that we are one and that as we open to our abilities, we are helping others to do the same. Amethyst lifts us to the next level of our spiritual development. 


Amethyst is the most common crystal used with the Third-Eye Chakra, but it is also often used with the Crown Chakra as well.  A powerful spiritual tool, Amethyst can bring a balance and harmony to the Third-Eye Chakra, contributing to clarity of the mind and psychic opening.  Amethyst is often used for issues of addiction, with its ability to open the mind to the root causes behind addictive behaviors. Physically, Amethyst can help to balance out brain and nerve disorders.


Amethyst the third Eye. opens the gate from the brow to the crown and beyond. For those more used to mindfulness Amethyst is suitable meditation accompaniment. Amethyst can help relax the mind and calm the stresses of the body too which can hinder the journey for many.


Sleeping with amethyst can encourage astral travel and help you to remember your dreams. If you have a psychic child in your home, place a piece of amethyst by their bed. It will protect them from negative dreams and help them to understand their abilities with patience and wisdom. Amethyst works best when it’s near the body. So wear it as jewelry, carry a piece with you or keep it next to your bedside. 



5. Moonstone

A highly mystical stone, moonstone will help develop latent psychic abilities that have been shut down due to fear or misunderstanding. It’s believed this amazing stone absorbs the power of the moon, so make sure to cleanse and charge it in the light of the full moon. 


In addition to enhancing your psychic abilities, moonstone will protect travelers, absorb tension in the home, and help regulate one’s body clock. It is also highly recommended for women going through puberty, pregnancy or menopause. It lessons mood swings and helps calm emotions caused from hormonal imbalances. Moonstone is a gentle awakener that will help you to accept your psychic abilities.  Spirilution.com



 6. Sodalite          

 Sodalite and the Third Eye, Sodalite calms the mind and quietens the thoughts that circle and keep us distracted from the peace within.  Once the mind is calmed by the blues of Sodalite, the white quartz veins align the mind to the higher self and so the journey can begin.


Sodalite truly is a spiritual stone that adheres to and resonates strongly with the third eye chakra. It has a way of calming the mind and clearing away any mental debris so the pathway is open for rational thought coupled with intuitive and spiritual perception.


Sodalite will also assist in strengthening its user in the areas of self-esteem and self-trust, as it brings about an elimination of fear and guilt, helping one to find a healthy emotional balance. It is strong in the search for truth, as it moves the user towards the qualities of being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in. This is a stone that will help you to bring together both logical thought and intuitive thought, finding the right balance and cooperation between your thoughts and your feelings.



 7. Moldavite


Moldavite is the premier Third-Eye Chakra stone, working with all of the Chakras, and is very popular in metaphysical circles.  Not from this Earth, Moldavite can clear, open, and activate the Third-Eye Chakra, bringing a connection to the higher realms. Moldavite can clear blockages from all the chakras, activate and align the chakras, and connect the Heart to the Third-Eye Chakra.


Placing Moldavite on the Third-Eye Chakra can help to perfect its functioning, bringing more vivid dreams, deeper meaning to life, increased synchronicities, and even spiritual awakening. Regularly wearing or carrying Moldavite can enhance this effect and keep one open to new perceptions. Via its strong connection to these two chakras, Moldavite enhances the flow of energy between the Heart and Third-Eye, bridging the gap between intellectual and emotional understanding, and allowing one to intuitively live from the heart.


A little caution with this powerful stone, Moldavite can often work quickly and intensely, so be sure you are ready for change when working with this stone!



8. Iolite 

Iolite is a wonderful choice for working with the Third Eye as it increases inner vision.  Iolite  is well-known for its ability to clear, open, and activate the Third-Eye Chakra.


This gentle but powerful crystal can help one to better recognize the patterns in life, allowing for a release of any control issues. Iolite  can be placed directly on the Third-Eye Chakra during meditation to help open up psychic abilities and enhance self-trust.


Iolite  can also be used to bring greater mental clarity on any subject and can be helpful for students and anyone who is going through a learning process. Physically, Iolite  can facilitate detoxification and healing in the liver. Spirilution.com




9. Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is another common Third-Eye Chakra stone, which is often used to enhance one‘s inner vision. Herkimer Diamond works with both the Third-Eye Chakra as well as the Crown Chakra, creating a bridge between these two chakras and enabling one to better understand the Divine purpose behind any intuitive insights.


Herkimer Diamond can enhance meditative states, memory function, and visualization, and brings a higher level of awareness. Herkimer diamonds are great meditation aids and are claimed to bring their companions to the highest vibration level possible while still remaining within the physical body.  They are said to connect the physical and astral planes and facilitate astral travel. 



10. Unakite

Unakite is a unique Third-Eye stone in that it can help to ground the higher information received from the Third-Eye into the Root Chakra.  This is especially helpful for meditation experiences that are often forgotten as soon as the session is over. 


This same property can work in reverse as a form of emotional therapy, pulling repressed feelings up from the Root Chakra to be understood via the Third-Eye Chakra. 


Unakite also works with the Heart Chakra to help the individual better understand the relation between events in life and the natural order of the Universe. Unakite aligns the Root, Heart, and Third-Eye Chakras, bringing a more centered feeling to the user.  Unakite is also great for lucid dreaming and astral travel.


11. Indigo Aura

Indigo Aura, which is also known as Tanzan Aura, is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold & Indium.  Indigo Aura has a a unique vibration that is wonderful for meditation and healing. 


Those who are actively working for ascension will notice over time how working with this crystal can help to raise ones vibrations.  Indigo Aura works with all three of the upper chakras, helping to maintain a strong connection between them, allowing energy and information to transfer to each of them.


Indigo Aura facilitates the release of chronic negativity while protecting, balancing, stimulating and opening your 3rd eye in the process. Spirilution.com



Crystals are influential allies in the quest to awaken the third eye. Although there are different colored crystals that can open the 3rd eye, you can generally use crystals and gemstones in the purple, indigo and violet color palette. This color palette serves to awaken, balance, align and nurture the third eye. Place the crystal or gemstone between and slightly above the brow during meditation.


Once you begin working with your third eye, you will begin to receive guidance messages and visions. Strive to have the courage to follow through on what your intuition offers and your third eye strength will only grow.







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