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In this section we will try to provide detailed information regarding frequently asked questions, this way we can shed some light on various topics.


How often should I listen to audios?

This will vary from person to person since we are have our unique attributes and react differently to everything. This also is based on the status of your auric health, physical health, holistic health, vibration, holistic belief system, and energetic status. For example, certain individuals may need to listen more than others to achieve certain desires from the formulas.

You may find yourself getting instant results or results taking a bit of time. In general, the recommended listening session to start out would be twice a day. You can listen once or twice a day for a week or so and be conscious of  changes that are occurring or how you are feeling.

Since the formulas are very powerful this is also a testing period to see if you should up the listening sessions after a week or keep it the same or even lower the amount of listening sessions. Once you find what works right for you after a week or so you can choose the amount of listening sessions.

In other cases if there is some kind of urgency for change, for example due to a sudden ailment then we would recommend listening at least 6 times a day (minimum). 


I purchased an audio but I never received anything?

This is probably one of the top questions that we get asked on a daily basis :) We ask that you please read FULL product description before purchasing any of our audios/products. We understand how exciting it is when making a purchase and one may forget to read entire description, but please take the time to read the full description prior to purchase. 

All product descriptions state that when purchasing some Ethereal Attunement Audios, it can take a few days to fully energize, this is for your own benefit. Most Ethereal Attunements are not preprogrammed to work like the URL, Universal, Personal or Karmic Attunements are. We have received many emails and even disputes to paypal (which is why paypal no longer does business with us) because customers literally feel as if we stole their funds, when clearly the product description states it takes a few days.

My beloveds, we are not here to steal your money, this is real work and greatness can take time. If you cannot wait, please do not purchase. We also state on all of our audio's that if you are benefiting from our youtube audio's, then purchasing any attunements from the website is not necessary. Now if you purchased a URL, Universal, Personal or Karmic Attunement and have not received an email with download link (rarely happens) please feel free to contact us via our contact page or email and we will gladly resolved the issue ;)