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12 Amazing Universal Laws!

12 Amazing Universal Laws!

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The Individual who knows & understands them possesses the Magic Key that opens all the Doors of the Temple of Wisdom.

The Universal Laws teach true alchemy, which is Mental Alchemy, transmuting one kind of mental vibration into another, thereby changing the state of being of a person, event or thing. You will come to learn that your mind is a powerhouse that directs energy which changes you, and alters what is outside of you as well.

The Universal Laws harmonize or bring together different views in spiritual or metaphysical studies.

The Chakras teach you about YOU and how you are connected to the universe, and how you can increase your consciousness. How you can connect with your God self. How you can connect with anything and all things in the universe. The Universal Laws explain how the universe functions. Between knowledge and work of the chakras and universal laws, you have the keys to all awareness.




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