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Greetings of peace, love and light.

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests for us to add a new payment method at our online store, we have decided to add cashapp as an alternate method of payment when purchasing formulas. We receive thousands of emails daily of individuals requesting new payment methods since many individuals have trouble making payment thru amazon pay.

We also receive hundreds of emails of individuals asking on how they can donate. Well you can donate by literally spreading and radiating love to yourself, your environment and the universe.

Since we do practice the law of receiving, you can send loving energy donations to our cashapp as well beloveds.


Alternative Payment Method.

27 commentaires

  • How do I get an attuned specific to me rhinoplasty. I don’t see it on this website. The YouTube one works well but is very slow due to my own blocks. I have a severe deviated septum and want a custom rhinoplasty attuned for me. Can you make this? Thank you so much. Lots of love

  • Hello,
    Can you accept paypal payment please?
    And can you please make one formula
    for universal peace and love. and one make everyone same body height, same body shape(no obesity), same beauty

    manuel martens
  • Hello, I am from Iran. I listened to the frequency of attracting beautiful women for four months, but it had no effect
    How long should I listen for it to have an effect? thank you

  • Hi I am not getting option Paypal in payment method pLease help

    Dolly Saini
  • Can I purchase a custom Ethereal Attunement? I scanned the website and do not see a Custom option. Thank you


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