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The 3rd eye explained in 60 seconds

The 6th chakra also known as the 3rd Eye Chakra opens up your mind to information beyond the physical world and your 5 senses.

Long before brain imaging, ancient cultures knew the 3rd Eye existed and they soon realized its amazing capabilities.

The 3rd eye is associated with the color indigo and is located above your eye brows within the geometric center of the brain.

There is actually a correlation between this and the Great Pyramids in the center of the physical planet.

Known as the gateway to higher consciousness, The 3rd eye via the pineal gland controls the attributes and functions of the 6th chakra which include: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, telepathy, extra sensory perception & intuition.

When your 3rd eye chakra is balanced, you will equally feel in tune with both the physical and spiritual world. You will receive psychic information as well as guidance from your higher self.

A balanced third eye is a beautiful thing, and it’s really what you are trying to achieve when you start on a path to spiritual enlightenment.

Wishing you peace, love & light on your amazing journey.


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  • i know first hand that your formulas work even though i have to admit i would be skeptical especially coming to this website it feels pretty sketchy; not only that, i genuinly cant afford the frequencies but i need help desperatly because my life is breaking apart and my heart is shattered. I dont want to be a choosing beggar but i dont understand why you created such a marketing profile like this is amazon or something. I know they are cheap and still I am at the mercy of my parents at 21 still, struggling to become independent, blurred blind mind, deteriorating health, with no motivation, not even for the things that i numbed myself with like video games. and one more thing; why are all the comments on this site on the blogs complete gibberish or codes for something. my family is deeply rooted in the occult and I want to do something working in intelligence; even if its for the so called “imps” in the government. remember that they arent clueless to this technology that you use either. sigil magick has been prevelent in the upper echelons of world power, and the qaballa is their holy secret. im starting to wonder if youre starting to give in to the lucrative nature of giving things to people that need it as long as they have money. i dont want to be a beggar but im also skeptical of these attunments, and this URL intention stuff. my email is elijahvalongocomposition@gmail.com please tell me the mechanism of storing intent within the electrons’ quarks inside a computer via signals made by the internet. i always wanted to turn your videos into mp3 so i could listen offline but i then once saw you write that there is intention in the URL and it would not be as potent. and i trusted you, its been years still. but in the back of my mind i always wondered, if it was a ploy to get views on the video. how does the URL even affect the audio coming from an object in the html document? the chakra vibration videos really did something and made me feel more alive and human with vitality and energy— so ive always trusted you. but spirilution is starting to make me worried. are you adding gibberish comments on blog posts to make it look like people are actually reading and commenting? and those notifications telling you someone purchased something from the store and where theyre from— are those even real? this all just comes off as something that the quadible integrity i observed from youtube, wouldnt do. as in dishonesty.

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